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Chris Calandra guest appearance on Crushing Debt

Professional and collegiate sports have been cancelled, foreign travel is suspended, schools are closed, conferences are cancelled, the markets are in a state of shock.  While we all self-quarantine, force-quarantine, and practice "social distancing" I thought I would string together some interviews to discuss the impact of COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, on the economy





12Season 4 - Episode 04 – Everyday American- Black History Month Series- Debby Cody 02/18/2020 Free View in iTunes

128 Season 4 - Episode 03 - What to Look for in a Financial Advisor 01/21/2020 Free View in iTunes




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“These things are very important but they're not the most important,” said Christopher Calandra, CFP® founder and principal of Elliott Wealth Management Services, LLC. “The most important thing is accumulating wealth by saving, investing, and doing things to increase your net worth. Sometimes, with so much of the information that's out in the public domain, people get lost on that point. But it's something we want to keep our eye on when working with clients throughout the retirement planning process.” 



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  • Should You Pay Off Debt or Save for Retirement?

    Should You Pay Off Debt or Save for Retirement?

    Should you pay off debt or save for retirement? That's a good question. These points may help you decide.

  • Should You Sell When the Market Drops?

    Should You Sell When the Market Drops?

    The stock market can take investors on a wild ride. Should you consider selling your stocks when the market drops?

  • Inflation: The Sneaky Thief

    Inflation: The Sneaky Thief

    Inflation can be like a thief, sneaking into your portfolio and robbing your money's purchasing power.

  • How Pre-Tax Contributions Affect Your Paycheck

    How Pre-Tax Contributions Affect Your Paycheck

    The tax implications of retirement plan contributions and the effect on your take-home pay.


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